Swiss Language Club

Speaking an extra language is a great way to discover the world! Our language camps are a great way to meet new people, spend an unforgettable summer and explore Switzerland!

Swiss Hospitality Club

Learn, live & love hospitality and discover campus life! Spend two outstanding weeks in the city of Montreux!

Swiss Culinary Club

Learning about the culinary arts opens up diverse career options. From food critic to restaurant manager, from sommelier to food photographer, this is the ideal way to combine your passion with a future career.

Colour Run

A paint race organised exclusively for our students at 1200 meters of altitude in the lovely area of Leysin!

Glacier 3000

The first and only suspension bridge to connect two mountain peaks with a breathtaking view combined with a high-flying adventure on the Alpine Coaster!

Sport Center

Football, volleyball, basketball, minigolf, the sport center is place of various pitches and activities!


Some great fun playing bowling at the Fun Planet!

Swiss Culinary Delights

Delicious desserts prepared by our students during the Swiss Culinary Delights activity.

Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival is held every summer at the shore of the Léman lake. Our Swiss Hospitality Club students had the opportunity to visit the backstage of this 2-week event!

Cailler Chocolate Factory

The visit of the Cailler Chocolate factory has enlighten the eyes of our students! Definitely a must-do in Switzerland!

Hiking in Leysin

Hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Leysin.

Nest Museum

Visit of the famous museum of Nestlé in Vevey! An interactive and educational visit!

Snowball fight in summer!

Snow in summer? Amazing, isn’t it? The hike until the Lioson lake has surprised our students.

Summer campfire cooking

Part of the Leadership live activity, the class had to organise a campfire and cook a meal.

Stand up paddle on the Léman lake

Imagine being free to navigate on a lake without needing to rent a boat... Stand up paddle allows you to freely move and enjoy some postcard views!

Dirtscoot down the Swiss Alps

For those who will choose the Adrenalin Rush program, this is one of the activities you will experience!

The culinary experience

A glimpse of our Swiss Culinary Club in Bouveret campus.


The heat is on as our students rappel, jump and slide down waterfalls in the hidden gorges of Switzerland.

Visit of the Hotel Majestic

Our students visit the Grand Hotel Suisse-Majestic and discover the backstage of a grand hotel in Switzerland!

Climbing Leysin’s via ferrata

The Swiss Alps offer breathtaking views year round. Ever thought about climbing to the top? Well stop wondering and join our students’ trip up in Leysin!

Slip’n’slide in Leysin

With some imagination and materials, the grassy slopes of Leysin can be transformed into many things. Here our students had an unbeatable escape from the Summer heat!

A night in Bollywood

With students from around the world, they learn about new cultures every day. On Bollywood night we enjoyed a themed night full of fun activities.