Your learning experience

What to expect

Classes take place in the mornings, from 8:30 to 12:30, Monday to Friday.

Our afternoon activities are dedicated to fun and entertaining ways of discovering our part of Switzerland and good times with friends. You can choose from several programs depending on your liking. If your stay is longer than one week, we recommend that you choose different programs for each week. After signing-up for a programme, you have until two weeks prior to your arrival to make modifications to your choices. Students from the Swiss Culinary Club cannot choose activity programmes.

Course outline


This introduction course allows students to better understand the vast subject that is hospitality. It is currently the fastest growing industry in the world, with many career opportunities, in a variety of domains. During your week at the Swiss Hospitality Club, you will learn more about this constantly evolving industry, its history as well as the current developments in the branch. The following knowledge will be helpful when the time comes for you to start your career.
Duration: 1 week
Availability: Weeks 1 to 6



In the 21 st century, the labor market evolves very quickly. In this spirit, more and more young people choose the freedom as well as the responsibility of entrepreneurship. In this class, you will learn about life as an entrepreneur and the creation of your business, following the examples of the greatest businessmen in history. Using the theoretical knowledge, you will have the opportunity to develop your ideas into a potential project. Leadership, also known as the art of influencing, is something you can learn, develop and master! This introduction course will not only teach you more about yourself, your character and what it takes to be a leader but will also challenge you in various ways.
Duration: 1 week
Availability: 2, 4, 6



Who has never daydreamed about palaces, banquets and luxurious events? Our course on hotel and event management is tailored to immerse students in this fascinating world. You will learn about managing a high standard hotel, event planning and your knowledge will be tested by organizing the end of week Certificate ceremony with your classmates.
Duration: 1 week
Availability: Weeks 3, 5, 7


Our English courses are made for those who wish to improve their language skills. During the week, you will be taught the correct use of grammar, oral and written comprehension and vocabulary. For students taking the IELTS exam, special attention will be directed towards the completion of the exam.
Duration: 1 to 7 weeks
Availability: Weeks 1 to 7


This region of Switzerland offers beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountain villages, and sparkling lakes. Every Saturday, students who are continuing on another week take part in a day long excursion. Destinations are alternated, and include city trips to Bern, the Swiss capital, Lausanne, the world's best small city, or Geneva, home of the International Red Cross and the world-famous water jet.

Evening activities

The evening is the best time of the day to relax, have fun, and enjoy the atmosphere of the program. Activities include an evening by the lake, a Casino Night, a talent show, Olympiads, cinema nights and karaoke. Evening activities are optional, however, they are a great bonding opportunity as well as an integral part of community life.

On Friday, the evening opens with a graduation ceremony where certificates are given out.

Other Information

  • Dates 2023

    • Summer Session

      June 25 - August 12

  • Price list

    • World of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

      1 week:
      CHF 1,950

      2 weeks:
      CHF 3,850

      3 weeks:
      CHF 5,700

      Each additional week: CHF 1,800


      ●Accommodation in double standard rooms (for deluxe or single rooms: please see below) ●Breakfast, lunch, dinner on weekdays; brunch and dinner on weekends ●Weekend excursions ●Evening social activities 



      Double Room
      Standard double: Included in fees
      Deluxe double: CHF 100 / week


      Single Room
      Standard: CHF 100 / week
      Deluxe: CHF 200 / week


      Enrollment Fees:
      CHF 125.- Will be charged only once for the same family members.

      Airport transfers:
      CHF 175 / each way

      Health & accident insurance: 
      CHF 50 / week (obligatory for non-EU participants)