Your learning experience

What to expect

Before arrival, you will be given an online test to help us determine your level and assign you to the correct group. We welcome all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers. With your teacher’s agreement, you can change your level group within the two first days of class.

Classes take place in the mornings, with a variety of exciting activities and excursions scheduled in the afternoons and evenings. Each week a new activity package is available so that you can discover new destinations, sports, and experiences – and make new friends for life.

At the end of your stay, you will receive a certificate, a great asset for when you embark on your career!

Chose a language - English, French or German

At the Swiss Language Club, we give you the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience by learning a language and combining it with activities, excursions and a lot of fun. You have the possibility to chose one language per week. We offer French, English and German courses. Should you decide to stay several weeks, you can decide to learn one language per week and therefore enrich your horizon by learning sevearl languages during your stay.

Note that during the day, although our staff speaks several languages, English tends to be common language at the camp.

Course outline

Classes take place in the mornings, Monday to Friday, in the form of four 45-minute lessons, for a total of 20 lessons per week. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers combine classwork with practical exercises to make best use of our unique teaching settings. 

Before your arrival, you will be asked to take an online test that will help us determine your level and assign you to the correct group. With your teacher’s agreement, you can change your level group within the two first days of class. We welcome all students, from beginner to advanced speaker.

At Swiss Education Academy camps, be inspired and filled with enthusiasm from day one, by the great atmosphere that makes up the camp life. An ideal setting for you to enjoy learning a foreign language.

Teaching methods

Teachers are encouraged to use flexible and diverse teaching methods and techniques, making sure to fit the group and the specific needs of each student, covering a large range of topics and subjects. The small number of students per group (average of 12) makes it easier to ensure every student’s progress. Teachers have access to a wide array of equipment and accessories to help them create fun and interactive classes

Your stay at the Swiss Education Academy camp will certainly help you with your language skills. Your progression will also depend on your personal investment and your motivation. The exceptional atmosphere of our courses will help you learn and make progress in a relaxed environment!

Teaching facilities

Our teaching facilities offer great teaching and learning conditions. Classrooms have been renovated and equipped with state of the art multimedia devices.


At the end of your stay, you will be handed a certificate, mentioning the learning programme you participated in and have a great lasting memory of your stay.


This region of Switzerland offers beautiful landscapes, picturesque mountain villages, and sparkling lakes. Every Saturday, students who are continuing on another week take part in a day long excursion. Destinations are alternated, and include city trips to Bern, the Swiss capital, Lausanne, the world's best small city, or Geneva, home of the International Red Cross and the world-famous water jet.

Evening activities

The evening is the best time of the day to relax, have fun, and enjoy the atmosphere of the program. Activities include an evening by the lake, a Casino Night, a talent show, Olympiads, cinema nights and karaoke. Evening activities are optional, however, they are a great bonding opportunity as well as an integral part of community life.

On Friday, the evening opens with a graduation ceremony where certificates are given out, followed by a gala dinner and a fun disco celebration.

Other Information

  • Summer Session
    • June 27-August 12

  • Fees


      1 week:
      CHF 1,450

      2 weeks:
      CHF 2,750

      3 weeks:
      CHF 3,900

      Extra week:
      CHF 1,250

      ● Accommodation in double standard rooms (for deluxe or single rooms: please see below) ● Breakfast, lunch, dinner on weekdays; brunch and dinner on weekends ● Weekend excursions ● Evening social activities


      Afternoon activity packages

      Find out more about all our activity packages here.

      ENJOY: Included in the fees
      DISCOVER: CHF 150/ week


      Accommodation Double Room
      Standard :
      Deluxe : inlcuded in the fees

      Single Room
      Standard : N/A

      Deluxe : CHF 150 / week


      Enrolment Fees

      Will be charged only once for members of the same family: CHF 125


      Transfers for international participants

      On request depending on destination of departure


      Health Insurance

      Compulsory for non-EU residents: CHF 50 / week