The Summer Camp

Everything you need to know about life on campus and the facilities on offer

Life on Campus

Find out everything you need to know about accommodation, meals, and facilities below. Headed up by our highly motivated and experienced team, students from the ages of 16 to 20 are welcome. Within easy access of Montreux and iconic locations close by, it's the perfect destination for 2 weeks in Switzerland!


You will reside in Hotel Institute Montreux is in the heart of town, nestled between Lake Geneva and the Alps, Montreux is home to the world-famous Jazz Festival in July and is only an hour's drive from Geneva Airport. 

Benefit from living and experience campus life over two weeks, with full access to all of the school's facilities.


Participants are housed in double deluxe rooms. All rooms have their own bathroom.

If you decide to share a room, you can also choose to share it with a friend, or someone speaking the same or different language. 

Hotel Institute Montreux

In September 2013, the whole ground floor underwent a complete renovation. The furniture and decoration is made out of recycled aircraft parts, including passenger seats, wings of planes and engine parts. This style reflects the innovation that Hotel Institute Montreux students are expected to use in their future in the hospitality business.

The lobby features a fashionable reception made out of an airplane jet engine. The seating areas are a spacious and comfortable environment reminiscent of an airport-style business lounge and are available for your relaxation and socialisation.

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