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What our students say

Our Swiss Hospitality Club programme is growing each year, thanks to our dedicated staff and the feedback we receive from our students. Their opinion is the one that counts, and as each year more and more students decide that hospitality is the right path for them, we're happy to have helped them on their journey.


“At first I was a bit scared because I didn’t know anyone but I was introduced to new friends right away.”
Paidamoyo Mutyebere, Zimbabwe


“I’ve really enjoyed it and I was really impressed by the whole Academy and the programme. Make the most of it, try and do as much as you ca. The more you do the more you’ll experience and learn from it.”
Lucie Moore, Great Britain


“I experienced an adventure everyday. We had exciting activities, ranging from go karting to cheese tasting! Our classes always had a practical aspect to them, where we were expected to learn skills and apply them to a real life situation when we planned our very own cocktail party. It was an unforgettable experience!”
Amna Salatt, Qatar