The Summer Camp

Everything you need to know about life on campus and the facilities on offer

Life On Campus

Find out everything you need to know about accommodation and facilities below. Experience state-of-the-art kitchens, lake views and a beautiful campus. What better way to have an entrée into the Swiss Culinary Club!

Our teaching facilities

Le Bouveret is located on the banks of Lake Geneva, in one of the prettiest regions of Switzerland. It hosts numerous international schools and thousands of tourists come to contemplate the sights, every month.



The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland campus offers cooking amenities of the highest standards. It is located on the bank of Lake Geneva, with a splendid view of the Vaud Riviera. It is dedicated to students from the Swiss Culinary Club programme, with the company providing transportation for daily commute. 

Modern classrooms, 24h reception desk, restaurant, panoramic garden and terrace, Wi-Fi connection and brand new kitchens.

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland is also home to the Mosimann Collection: A Culinary Heritage.



Students stay in the Freddie Mercury building, in the heart of Montreux. Swiss Education Group inaugurated the building in 2018, all amenities are state of the art. It is ideally located in the center of Montreux, near the train station and a 5 minute walk from the lake. The building accommodates students from Swiss Hospitality Club and Swiss Culinary Club.

Students stay in double rooms included in the price of the programme. Each room has its own private bathroom and lavatory, and is cleaned by onsite personnel once a week during the stay.

Montreux is also very well known for its floral banks and the Montreux Jazz festival, which attracts visitors from around the world, every July.



Our chefs make varied menus on a daily basis, to make sure our students have all they need to enjoy the day.

On Le Bouveret campus, students from the Swiss Culinary Club will have several opportunities to prepare their own meals.  

Monday to Friday

From Monday to Friday, we offer three meals a day : breakfast, lunch and diner.
Each meal is in the form of a buffet, with salads, main courses, dessert, fruits and beverages.
Students are free to help themselves according to appetite.

Saturday and Sunday

Days made for sleeping-in ! Breakfast and lunch make way for an enjoyable brunch, also in the form of a buffet.
The afternoon activity is followed by dinner as usual.


Example of a daily menu

Morning cereal, bread and toasts, ham and cheese, jam, chocolate spread, butter, yoghurt, fresh fruit, hot cocoa, milk, tea, coffee, fruit juice.

Lunch / Buffet
Salad bar and choice of dressings - butter roast chicken with lemon and garlic - paprika grilled shrimp skewers - rice with leek - Duchesse potatoes - broccoli - vegetable spätzli. 
Dessert : Crème brûlée with raspberries

Diner / Buffet
Salad bar and choice of dressings - rib steak - clams cooked à la Marinière - french fries - carrots - tortilla - hollandaise sauce.
Dessert : Chocolate mousse



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