Hear from the voices that matter the most

What our students say

Swiss Language Club is our longest running programme, and we take great pride in the feedback our students give us. Our goal is to make each year even better than the last!


“I spent a few weeks over two summers at the camp. It helped me refresh and improve my French. I really enjoyed the excursions in the afternoons like the Adventure Park, which was a lot of fun! I also met a lot of people from different countries, who I still keep in touch with.”
Sebastian O., 14 years, Switzerland


“I loved my time at the Swiss Language Club. I learned a lot, especially during the classes, but I now also dare to express myself in English in front of others thanks to all the incredible moments I spent during the afternoon activities with other students from all over the world. It was a very fun and rewarding stay. I’ll be back next year, THAT’S FOR SURE!”
Baudouin M., Belgium


“The camp was great. I really enjoyed it and made a lot of new friends from different countries. The teachers were fun and nice and I learned a lot. I want to come back next year.”
Elio, 12 years, Switzerland


“Swiss Language Club is a really good place, where you meet people from all over the world. While improving your English, you are also having fun! Every afternoon is spent in the best way: Excursions, sports, shopping, culinary classes. I met lots of new people that I'll never lose touch with and will keep unforgettable memories.”
Karina R., Brazil


“I was learning English at Swiss Language Club. These three weeks were amazing! I’ve improved my English skills, found lots of friends from different parts of the world. It’s really wonderful because when we communicate, we practice English. Swiss Language Club is a place where you want to return again and again.”
Inga, 15 years, Russia


“I really liked and enjoyed staying in the camp. I improved my language skills, had so much fun and met many nice people! Lessons were fascinating and we never got bored.”
Anna K.


“I had to speak English or German, which improved my language skills. The sports and evening activities were very funny. The rooms are really nice and the staff members were great.”
Théo M., 13 years, Switzerland


“Our participants enjoyed the English classes with their international atmosphere as well as the different sports and activities. Well trained teachers, excellent organization, friendly staff and wonderful facilities. That was an unforgettable experience for us.”
Anna M., Group leader, Russia