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Introducing Swiss Education Academy

A quick note to the parents

We want your child to have an amazing time but your needs are equally important. Choosing Swiss Education Academy means your child can explore our beautiful, safe country while discovering hospitality, developing their language skills or taking their love of food to a new level!

As a member of Swiss Education Group, we are part of an alliance of private hospitality management schools. We bring the best of these resources together to offer a unique opportunity to diversify and add to your experience and education.

Swiss Education Group

Swiss Education Group is your Swiss alliance of private hospitality management schools. With 5 schools based across 6 campuses throughout Switzerland, each school benefits from their unique strengths and features, providing the perfect fit to best suit your search.

Summer camp locations

Our Montreux Campus

Nestled between Lake Geneva and the Alps, Montreux in the summer is home to the Montreux Jazz Festival and is only an hour from Geneva airport. Hotel Institute Montreux is a Swiss hospitality school combining American business management and provides beautiful surroundings in the heart of town for our summer camp Swiss Hospitality Club students.

Our Leysin Campus

This is the other campus making up Swiss Hotel Management School. Previously a palace hotel, this campus links two buildings via a sky train and offers a variety of sports and leisure facilities. It houses one of our summer camps, The Swiss Language Club (12-18 years old students)  and offers a bright, safe campus for our younger students.

Our Le Bouveret Campus

Nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, the lake is literally across the road - perfect for summer camp! Le Bouveret is home to one of the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland campuses, a culinary school with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. It is also home to one of the César Ritz Colleges campuses, a hospitality school based on the founding principles of César Ritz, the pioneer of luxury hotels. Set in a beautiful location, it also houses The Mosimann Collection. Our summer camp, Swiss Culinary Club, takes place in this beautiful environment.

Visit Our Summer Camps

Visit Montreux CampusVisit Leysin Campus
Montreux CampusLeysin Campus
Visit Le Bouveret CampusVisit The Mosimann Collection
Le Bouveret CampusThe Mosimann Collection