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Professional Courses

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In 2017, we will be launching our first professional courses for adults who are looking to enhance, progress or potentially change their career path:

  • Successful Event Management
  • Managing Hotel Operations
  • A Practical Guide to Culinary Management
  • Contemporary Issues in Hospitality




(Full course details below)

  • 24th - 30th April 2017: Successful Event Management
  • 1st - 6th May 2017: Managing Hotel Operations
  • 28th August - 2nd September 2017: A Practical Guide to Culinary Management
  • 4th - 9th September 2017: Contemporary Issues in Hospitality



Each course consists of 3 modules lasting 2 days each.

Choose between 1, 2 or all 3 modules to complete a full 6-day programme.



CHF 1000.- for one module (2 days)

CHF 1200.- for one module (2 days including full board)

CHF 2500.- for the full course (6 days)

CHF 3000.- for the full course (6 days including full board)


Course Details:

Successful Event Management (Swiss Hotel Management School)

6 day course:

Module 1: Introduction to Events

This module aims to introduce students to contemporary events management within an historical context focusing on society’s need to create events. This creation of an ‘events culture’ has led to a range of events that inherently impact upon host communities.  By seeking to define ‘events management’ this module aims to identify the distinct nature of the sector and locate it within the wider service industry. ​

Module 2: Banqueting & Events

This module aims to develop an understanding of the theory pertaining to MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions). Students will be introduced to the complexity of events and key components of event planning and management.  This module requires students to draw on theory and previously acquired knowledge and skills of F&B, to organise a complex event including the functions of marketing, fundraising, human resources, financial control, as well as F&B aspects.​

Module 3: Marketing

This module is designed to introduce students to the principles of marketing by addressing key aspects including the marketing mix, market segmentation, differentiation, positioning and sales.  An emphasis is placed on examining how the various elements of marketing are interlinked and how they add to an organisations competitive positioning and overall strategic aim. ​



Managing Hotel Operations (Swiss Hotel Management School)

6 day course:

Module 1: Introduction to Hospitality

This module aims to provide a strong foundation for the Hospitality Industry. In order to study hospitality it is essential that students are able to identify and understand the important link that exist between the hospitality industry and the service culture in hotels. Key areas such as driving Guest Experience within hotels, Food and Beverage concepts and the Service culture and customs will be explored in order to enhance student’s knowledge and understanding. ​

Module 2: Food & Beverage Management

This module aims to provide a knowledge and understanding of the management of food and beverage operations, the composition of the sector, marketing, menu design and facilities design. The module also introduces the important element of human resources management within food and beverage operations.​

Module 3: Front Office & Rooms Division Management

This module addresses front office procedures, from reservations to check-out. It outlines the various aspects of front office management, including systems and personnel that contribute to the effective running of this department. This module also evaluates the relationship between the front office and housekeeping departments.​


A Practical Guide to Culinary Management (César Ritz Colleges - Le Bouveret) 

6 day course:

Module 1: Kitchen Management & Food Safety

This module is designed to provide an introduction to the management of a kitchen including the wide range of skills needed to manage in today’s environment. It introduces the general idea of systems management illustrating how an F&B operation’s menu impacts the need for the physical, human, and financial resources of a restaurant. ​

Module 2: Fundamentals of Fine Dining Cuisine

Through a combination of cooking demonstrations and practical workshops, this module provides the necessary foundation on which to learn the aspects of the fine dining experience. This module covers the planning, implementation, and analysis through practical demonstrations and theoretical applications. 

Module 3: Creative Plate Design and Food Trends

This module covers artistic plating and presentation methods by exploring the use of colour, shape and texture in the kitchen to create delicious and beautiful dishes. This course will also explore global food trends and will investigate trends in relationship to gastronomy and diets. ​


Contemporary Issues in Hospitality (Hotel Institute Montreux)

6 day course:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Finance for Non-Financial Managers - in partnership with Edmond de Rothschild 

This 2-day module offers a compelte approach to the financial component of a business plan and focuses on the management of portfolios giving participants an understanding of capital markets and fundamental analysis.​​

Module 2: Exploring the World of Luxury Marketing - in partnership with Hublot 

This 2-day module provides participants a thorough insight into the Luxury sector in a global context. Whilst exploring the role of marketing within luxury companies, participants acquire the critical skills to identify potential new luxury products for numerous markets. 

Module 3: Current Issues and Trends in Human Resource Management - in partnership with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts 

This 2-day module will verse participants on how to align the human resource function with the organisation's strategy. Participants will also acquire the knowledge necessary in the context of conflict and meditation and workplace diversity and will familiarise themselves with effective performance management systems.